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  •  At 6'4. 285 pounds he was the perfect size. He ran the 40-yard sprint in 4.52 seconds as well as a 37-inch vertical and completed 26 repetitions sitting on the benches. There was nothing to worry about Brown at all, and there was little evidence to suggest that the Browns were making a mistake by taking Brown over teammate LaVar Arrington. Chris Samuels, Jamal Lewis, Plaxico Burress and Brian Urlacher.

    Aldon Smith was sacks more often last season (19.5) than Brown had throughout his life (19).

    A few injuries could have taken a toll on Brown somewhat, but that will not account for his absence of performance as a rusher and run-stuffer. Brown had the kind of career you would expect, and respect, out of players selected in the fifth round but it wasn't what you'd like to see from the best overall selection. Sometimes , when everything is supposed to be going well however, it does not.

    An Honorable Mention Vernon Gholston

    9. Gerard Warren, DT, Florida - 3rd overall, Cleveland, 2001

    I'm wondering if there will be some controversy about the inclusion of Warren. He was a player in the Madden NFL 24 from 2001 until 2011 for the Browns, Broncos, Raiders and Patriots. Courtney Brown's partner in crime with both The Browns in addition to the Broncos, Warren was supposed to assist in bringing Cleveland into the new era with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, thanks to being an overall top three selection for three straight season.

    The best picks from the century Need some Madden NFL 24 Draft positive Madden 24 coins affirmation? Take a look at the top 10 choices that teams made during the draft.

    With Tim Couch, Brown, and Warren the team would quickly ignore that the Ravens won this Super Bowl in 2000. Right? That's so Cleveland.

    In the same way that Couch along with Brown were mostly poor players Warren was simply a poor player that was replaced by outstanding players at a time when Cleveland had to finally get one right. They were not. Warren had a few excellent seasons in the middle of defensive line, putting up 1550 total tackles 16.5 sacks, 9 pass deflections as well as seven forced fumbles within four seasons with the Browns. Excellent numbers indeed but take a look at the context of the 2001 Madden NFL 24 Draft.

    Warren was modeled after Michael Vick and Leonard Davis Two players who went on to compete to make seven Pro Bowl appearances. (Though Davis has an argument as a flop in his own way.) Next came Warren. In the next season, came four-time Pro Bowl, All-Pro Justin Smith. After that came five times Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro running back LaDainian Thomason. In the next round, seven-time Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro Richard Seymour. The next pick, Andre Carter, made one Pro Bowl and has 78.5 lifetime sacks.

    The biggest criticism against Warren might be the organization he maintains at the highest of the draft but that just goes to prove how bad the Browns have at drafting. He is sandwiched between six players who have made it to a Pro Bowl. Only thing that might be more problematic is that the Browns' next pick, the wide receiver Quincy Morgan, is also placed between six players who played in a Pro Bowl. (Reggie Wayne, Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Alge Crumpler, Chad Johnson.)

    Brown, Warren, Couch and Morgan are just four examples of how the Browns have been so sloppy for many years. The worst talent assessors who simply picked the wrong players. But , on the plus side, they did locate two players to kick off this list.

    Cleveland rocks!

    Honorable Mention: Here is where we could fit Leonard Davis. As a player who is a step ahead of Warren You wouldn't expect to land guards and that's what happened with Arizona along with Davis. Davis played for six years with the Cardinals and was able to shift around the line from right guard to an underwhelming left tackle, and then he left and becoming a Pro Bowl guard with the Cowboys. Davis can have an impressive mut 24 madden coins career it is but another wrinkle on the side of Cardinals draft record.

    8. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - 10th overall, Houston, 2007

    I want to start off with saying that Okoye has always been a special player.

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